Passover is the celebration of a definitive, transformational moment that changed not only the Jewish people, but the entire world. This is a story of hope, success against all odds, faith, miracles and freedom.


On Passover we celebrate our story, our transformation from being the Children of Israel to become the Nation of Israel. We are commanded to remember it as if it had happened to us and not our ancestors.

Learn the Passover Story

3000 years ago, the Children of Israel were slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt. Then G-d spoke to Moses, who would become the greatest leader of the ancient Israelites, and commanded him to go to Pharaoh and tell him, famously, to “let My People go!”

In the historical drama that ensues, the Children of Israel were freed from slavery yet still chased by the Egyptian soldiers only to be saved by the miraculous spillint of the Red Sea. Crossing safely to the other side, the Hebrews were finally on their journey home - to the land that God bestows upon all the Children of Israel for generations in promise after promise as they rediscover their essence as the treasured nation, the eternal nation, the miracle nation of Israel - then, now, and forever.

Passover marks the story of this exodus, from being slaves in a foreign land to becoming a free people in a sovereign nation. The Exodus journey marks the first out of THREE times we have returned to the land that gave birth to our people. And the Jewish people are the only nation on earth who have successfully returned and regained sovereignty in their indigenous homeland and revived our ancient tongue while sustaining our ancestral traditions in all 4 corners of the universe throughout our exile - including the retelling of the Passover story, so central to our historical and ancestral identity and connection.

This story, our story, has changed the world. The example provided by the Jewish people in the journey from slavery to freedom has been a beacon of hope for enslaved and oppressed people around the world and throughout history. And it shall continue to inspire the generations of our future as Am Yisrael.