Celebrating Israel

Tu B'Shevat Seder - Growing Your Connection with Israel

We are excited to announce another way to embrace your connection to Israel - our unique Tu B’Shevat Seder. Planting trees and flowers for the Birthday of the Trees is an age-old Israeli pastime that can now be celebrated in households and communities all over the world!

There are so many great ways to cultivate your Israel connection. You are invited to join us in reconnecting to our roots by participating in a special Tu B'Shvat Seder - a new tradition with a historic origin - in your very own community or at home with family and friends!

  • Learn about the significance of this holiday and it's integral connection to the land of Israel.
  • Party like it's the 1600's! This special seder, with its origin in Tzfat, provides a way to connect Jews throughout the Diaspora with Israel and enrich the spiritual value in our lives.
  • Read along with your loved ones in this beautifully illustrated, informational seder booklet about the legacy of the Jewish people's ancient connection to the land of Israel and explore the meaning of this holiday to the Jewish people. Discussion Guide available!
  • For a formal discussion and the entire seder, download the booklet and read it together, analyzing the significance of this historical ilnk to the land, modern Zionism and life in the Diaspora today.

Plant Israel at Home Tu B'Shevat Seder

Today, of the many Tu B’Shevat Seders available, this special edition is the only one which focuses on Israel and echoes the original purpose of this traditional celebration.

The emphasis on the personal connection to Israel demonstrates the uniqueness of The Israel Forever Foundation, which strives to create dynamic engagement opportunities both virtual and actual as a reminder of the meaningfulness and relevance of Israel to Jewish life and identity.

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How do you celebrate Tu B'Shevat?

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