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Morrocan Barkoksh

· 2 cups semolina flour or couscous!
· 1/2 cup flour
· 1/2 cup water
· 2 cups milk 
· 2 tsp. butter
· 1/4 tsp salt or sugar, depending on desired taste

Flavor with cinnamon, chopped dates, almonds, cranberries, oranges, or crushed hazelnuts

Run the semonina or couscous under water for 3 rinses.
The grains will become softer with each rinse. 
Add the flour slowly and use your fingers to get a good mix of the grains and the flour, although Barkaksh has a clumpy rather than crumbly texture.
Add salt or sugar to taste

Steam the mixture by placing it in a sieve on top of soft boiling water for about 30 minutes. Fluff occasionally with fork. OR Add it to 4 cups of boiling water and cook covered on very low heat for about 20 minutes until all water is absorbed. I recommend wrapping the pot lid in a towel to soak up the extra moisture (a secret tip for perfect rice, too!)

Add milk and spices and dried fruits and bring to a light boil, but be careful not to burn the milk! Drizzle on top some Israeli honey and enjoy this Morrocan Israeli Shavuot dish!

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