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Star Sukkot Salad

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By Natasha Rosenstock Nadel

Serves 8-10


4 cups arugula
1 large beet, baked and cooled, or 1 jar or can of beets, sliced or cut into fun shapes
1 Asian pear, diced or cut into fun shapes
½ to 1 cup pecans
¼ to ½ cup pomegranate seeds


Cover bottom of your serving bowl with greens. Cut your beets and Asian pear. You can buy beets cut into matchsticks, disks or little baby balls. You can also use a fresh baked beet. I suggest cutting them into fun shapes using fruit and veggie cutters. You can make stars and hearts or fall shapes like apples and pumpkins. Top greens with the rest of the ingredients. Use salad dressing of your choice. I used a homemade lemon garlic vinaigrette.

BeTeavon and ENJOY! 

Natasha Nadel

Natasha Rosenstock Nadel is a mom, journalist and author, and makes fruits and vegetables fun for kids and easy for grownups! After a decade of research, reporting, eating, and reading she wrote The Healthy Mama’s Guide to feeding your family well – simply and sanely and The Healthy Family, Healthy You Cookbook.

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Tags: Food, Sukkot, Natasha Rosenstock Nadel

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