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Arriving At The Hotel

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By Sean Young, Hebrew Language Blog, Transparent Language
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Swimming pool – בְּרֵכַת שְׂחִיָּה (breh-kha seh-khee-yah)
Front desk – דֶּלְפֵּק קַבָּלָה (del-pahk kah-bahl-ah)
To rest, relax – נָח (nakh)
To fill out – למִלֵּא (l’mee-leh)
Key – מַפְתֵּחַ (mahf-teh-khah)
(Electronic) key card – כַּרְטִיס מְפַתֵּחַ אֶלֶקְטְרוֹנִי (kar-tees maf-te-akh e-lek-tro-nee)
View (scenery) – נוֹף (nokh)
Room service – שֵׁרוּת חֲדָרִים (she-root kha-dar-eem)
Form – טֹפֶס (to-fehs)

I have arrived at the Leonardo City Tower Hotel here in Ramat Gan. It wasn’t too bad a drive – about 25 minutes and traffic flowed pretty well. With my reservation information handy, I go to the front desk - דֶּלְפֵּק קַבָּלָה (del-pahk kah-bahl-ah) and…..

Good morning. I have a reservation for a room.
.בֹּקֶר טוֹב. אֲנִי הִזְמָנְתִי חֶדֶר
Bo-ker tohv. ah-nee heez-mahn-tee kheh-der.

What is your name?
?מַה שִּׁמְךָ
Ma sheem-kha?

My name is Johanan Ben Gedalia.
.שְׁמִי יוֹחָנָן בֵּן גְּדַלְיָּה
Shmee Johanan Ben Gedalia.

Checks the computer.

Yes, one room with a double bed and a bathroom. Please fill out this form.
.כֵּן, חֶדֶר אֶחָד עם מִיטָה זוּגִית וְאַמְבַּטְיָה. נָא למִלֵּא אֶת הַטֹפֶס.
Ken, kheh-der eh-khad eem mee-tah zoo-geet v’ahm-bah-tee-ah.
Nah leh-mah-leh et hah-to-fes.

Do you have a wake-up service?
?הַאִם יֵשׁ לְכֵּם שֵׁרוּת הַשְׁכָּמָה
Ha’eem yesh leh-khem she-root hash-kah-mah?

Yes. (certainly)

After filling in the registration form, the receptionist types in a little more in the computer and hands me the key.

Here’s your key. Your room is 305.
.זֶה הָמַפְתֵךָ שֶׁלךָ. החֶדֶר שֶׁלךָ שְׁלוֹשׁ מֵאוֹת חָמֵשׁ
Zeh ha-maf-te-akh shel-kha. Ha-khe-der shel-kha shlosh me’ot v’chamesh.

Thank you very much.
Toda raba.

Settling In

סוף הסוף - Finally, I’m in my room.

What should I do – pour myself a drink- מַשְׁקֶה חָרִיף (mash-keh khar-eef ) or order room service - שֵׁרוּת חֲדָרִים (she-root kha-dar-eem)?
Nah, I think I’ll take a nap.

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