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Tags: Nationalism, Land and Nature, Advocacy, Am Yisrael

Medinat Yisrael מדינת ישראל
Celebrating Israel’s multicultural and intellectual character

The establishment of the State of Israel marked a drastic change in the existence of the Jewish People. This monumental event in 1948 was preceded by centuries of longing and prayer from the four corners of the globe who sought a return to our ancient homeland where we could finally live free, liberated from the persecutions and destruction wrought upon us by the world. Those who witnessed the birth of a sovereign Jewish state were awed by what seemed to be a miracle. The generation after remained dedicated to what was becoming a strong defense for Jews who had never before been able to defend themselves against their many enemies.

Today’s generation is conflicted as to the meaning and purpose behind the existence of a Jewish democratic political entity. Thus, The Israel Forever Foundation recognizes that it is an integral part of our collective responsibility to work towards the sustainability of Israel for generations to come.

  • Understanding the factual history of the struggle for Israel’s independence
  • The creation, formation and factors of influence on Israel’s national culture
  • Recognition of the diverse communities that comprise Israel’s national identity
  • Acknowledging the contribution of Olim to the building of Israel
  • Emphasizing Israel’s intellectual development and contributions to democracy and civilization
  • Highlighting Israeli innovations as contributions to the world and humanity
  • Outlining the uniqueness and significance of Israel’s Declaration of Independence
  • Understanding The Ethical Code of the Israel Defense Forces

We love to bring attention to the people, stories, experiences and memories that make Israel such a dynamic and passionate part of our national reality.

Tags: Nationalism, Land and Nature, Advocacy, Am Yisrael