Logan's Bar Mitzvah Project


Hi, my name is Logan and my Bar Mitzvah project is to raise money for Israeli soldiers; specifically, I want to raise money to purchase winter clothing for Israeli soldiers. In order to do this, I have created a website for people to donate money towards my project.

Before I chose my project, I met an Israeli soldier that was injured in a helicopter crash during a mission. After he was injured, he was rehabilitated and won a gold medal in tennis at the London Paralympic games. I also watched a movie about a lone soldier named Michael Levin and I was very moved by it.

I am going to Israel in December after my bar mitzvah. After learning about Israel soldiers and the IDF, I decided that I wanted to do a project that would help them out. The safety of Israel is very important to me, and my project is to make them more comfortable during the cold weather.

I would appreciate any help you can offer so that I can use the money to buy winter clothing for soldiers in need.


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