When Burning Jews Isn’t News

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Sep 7, 2014

UPDATE: Arab terrorists hurling molotov cocktail firebombs at Jewish homes, trying to burn entire families as they sleep - it has become part of a routine of terror in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem, where a "silent intifada" has been raging under the radar of major news outlets. Aside from the shooting incidents, Jews have been targeted in several ambush lynch attempts, aside from the incessant rock throwing attacks.

On Aug. 30, Palestinian terrorists set a Jewish man on fire in Jerusalem, and on Sept. 1, other Palestinian terrorists tried to set an entire bus full of Israeli Jews on fire.

Yet I couldn’t find any mention of these horrific attacks in the New York Times, the Washington Post, or any other major American news outlet.

Why is it that news about burning Jews is not considered fit to print?

Once again, they are burning and stoning Jews [in Israel AND around the world]. Yet the mainstream media [and likely mainstream humanity] is not interested. Why? Because it doesn’t fit their preferred narrative.

Most of the editors and reporters in the mainstream media subscribe to a narrative of the Israeli-Arab conflict in which the Israelis are the aggressors, and the Palestinians are the victims. That narrative supports the political outcome that most editors and reporters personally endorse: an Israeli retreat to the 1967 lines, a division of Jerusalem, the rise of a Palestinian state.

But when you report about Palestinians burning and stoning Israelis, that changes everything.

Americans [and peoples of every country in the world] — from the average person in the street to Members of Congress — SHOULD regard such behavior as barbaric. They SHOULD naturally conclude that giving a state to such violent extremists is crazy.

Telling the truth about Palestinian behavior makes it harder to mobilize pressure on Israel to give in. That’s why in the editorial offices of the New York Times and so many other newspapers, news about burning Jews isn’t fit to print. Sadly, it’s that simple.

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