Munich 11 Memory Project

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Leader Reads Aloud:

As we come together on this day, September 5th, we remember and honor the lives of the Munich 11. Eleven Israelis died because of the country they were representing at the Olympics. The lives of those athletes will not be forgotten as long as we speak of the accomplishments of these people. In recognition of the athletes lost in Munich, I ask that you join me in a moment of silence.

**Light Candles**

Read Aloud Together:

On this day, 11 Israelis were held captive. On this day, freedom and lives were stolen by the hands of hate.

"These men were sons, fathers, uncles, brothers, friends, teammates, athletes. They came to Munich in 1972 as athletes in the Olympics. They came in peace and went home in coffins,”

We stand in silence in their memory.

We stand so that the attack remains at the forefront of our minds in our continued connection to Israel.

We stand to recall acts of terror committed against Israel and Israelis worldwide in the eyes of the world.

It is incumbent upon us to protect the memory of these Jewish men and the message their murder sends to the world: that we cannot afford to stay silent or inactive in the face of enemies who seek to destroy, murder, defame, and control mankind through fear.

This is in memory of the Munich 11.


Tags: Memory, Munich Massacre, Athletes4Israel, History, Jewish Unity, Holocaust