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Plan Your Balfour Centenary Celebration

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A celebration of The Balfour Declaration invites a deeper understanding of the long history of our struggle to create a place where Jews could live free in our ancient homeland.

Join us in celebrating the centenary of this historical event that helped pave the way to our return to Jewish sovereignty in our ancient homeland.

"Balfour Day is something we should be celebrating, and utilizing to our national advantage. It is a day ripe with meaning, with positive Zionist fulfillment. It provides us with a chance, year in and year out, to underline our internationally-recognized right to be here, something which far too many people around the world seem to have forgotten."

From November 2nd through November 29 every year, let us honor the important legacy of the Balfour Declaration and never forget the steps that led to the creation of our one and only Jewish State. Whether a party, a parade, an engagement program, lecture series, film showing, or discussion group, with our collection of resources, you can create a Balfour Celebration right in your own community.

We have ALL you need to make your celebration a success.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Plan a Balfour Bash - Reach out to your local JCC, Student Union, Zionist Federation, or even a private home. Have attendees come dressed up and use our exclusive set of party props to set the theme. Print out our awesome Downloadable PDF Posters with quotes, facts and images in the spirit of Balfour and tune up some music from the 1917s as you dance the night away!
  • Create a local petition initiative as a part of 1 Million Signatures for 100 Years - Educate your community and get others to sign the Balfour Declaration 2017 and Stand with Balfour and Israel!
  • Host a British Tea Party to honor Balfour: strawberries and cream, scones and crumpets, cucumber sandwiches and of course tea fit for the Queen. Come together for a lively gathering with friends,
  • A party doesn’t suit your savvy? How about a Trivia Night? A great way to engage with history, learn some facts and have some fun.
  • Want to take the learning further? Host a speaker on the Balfour to learn more about this monumental event and its relevance today.
  • Host a Balfour Shabbat on November 4! Join synagogues from all the denominations hosting their own celebrations, discussions, shabbatonim, all in the spirit of Balfour!
  • Looking for something for young leaders? Explore our #BeLikeBalfour leadership activities

Just as we celebrate and surpass 100 years of this historical declaration, we have written a Balfour Declaration 2017 in the spirit of Balfour to set forth our collective commitment for 100 years in the future and beyond.

What are you waiting for and make YOUR Declaration today!


Anti-Israel activism is on the rise. We must combat it by banding together and taking action to ensure that our history and our rights are protected from the lies, propaganda and distortions perpetuated by those who seek to destroy us.

Tags: Balfour, History, Zionism