Balfour Initiative

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In 1917, following the announcement of the Balfour Declaration and its acknowledgment of the Jewish people as a nation with a right to their national homeland, Jewish communities worldwide celebrated with parties and parades celebrating this momentous historical event. In Mandatory Palestine, Toronto, Melbourne, London, throughout Eastern Europe and elsewhere, Balfour Day was celebrated nearly every year on November 2nd until the 1930s.

100 years later and beyond it is obvious how much there was and is to celebrate: Israel reborn, the miracle of an indigenous people returning to sovereignty our ancestral homeland, a homeland where Jews defend Jews, a land flowing with milk and honey when once there was nothing but sand, the Start-up Nation bringing clean water, medicine and technological wonders for the world – and so much more.

Each November, you can plan a Balfour Bash to honor the history, legacy and significance of international recognition that paved the way for the re-establishment of the one and only Jewish State.

November 2nd is the official date for Balfour Day
but you can celebrate any time throughout the month or even throughout the year!


  • Costume Party – create a 1917 Balfour Bash with period costumes and dance the night away
  • Tea Party – have strawberries and cream, scones and crumpets, cucumber sandwiches and of course tea fit for the Queen
  • Trivia night – have a competition utilizing our Quick Quiz or the Ultimate Balfour Quiz

Have a Balfour Shabbat in your synagogue, plan a bash at your local JCC, Student Union, Zionist Federation, or even a private home. It doesn’t matter where you are, what matters is that you are celebrating!

Tags: Balfour, History, Activities