Israel Inside

Israel Inside is a powerful reflection of Israel’s many successes and the elements and mechanisms of Israeli society that have brought about that success. Both organizations share a common mission to educate and inspire understanding and respect for Israel and her contributions to the world. Dr. Elana Yael Heideman, Director of The Israel Forever Foundation, expressed that "projects such as Israel Inside are an important part of expanding how Israel is represented to and understood by the global community. Our hope is that viewers of Israel Inside will recognize the meaningfulness of Israeli society and be inspired to strengthen their personal connection to Israel as a whole." The joining together of our two organizations is a demonstration of the importance of collaborative work in furthering the personal connection to Israel for people around the world.

The first launch of the partnership was at B’nai B’rith Youth Organization’s (BBYO) annual International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia on February 17th. As 1500 youth participants from the US, Canada, Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, the UK and more gathered in Atlanta, Georgia for the annual International Convention, they were introduced to a new medium for understanding Israel behind the headlines, the Israel that is so deserving of recognition that it can enable Diaspora Jewish youth to feel pride and commitment for what their fellow Jewish people have created. Each participant at the convention was invited to register as a Virtual Citizen of Israel and sign up to receive a copy of Israel Inside to host a viewing in their home community. Declaring their commitment to the future of Israel Forever, these BBYOers will be joining the growing global community of Virtual Citizens of Israel with members from 17 countries around the world.

Israel Forever and continue to work together to jointly promote Israel Inside and the Virtual Citizen of Israel initiative which was created to help transform one's personal connection to Israel into a powerful and meaningful expression of unity for people of all political, religious, racial, or national allegiances. This global virtual community seeks to change the shape of international support for Israel among the next generation by ensuring that people can feel a shared sense of commitment to the Jewish State. Dr. Heideman shared that " people today are looking for a sense of being a part of something, a sense of belonging. Our hope is that Virtual Citizens of Israel™ will provide an innovative way to celebrate their pride in Israel and Israeli society and culture that will last throughout their lives." IFF is pleased to continue our collaborative efforts with to ensure that Israel Inside is viewed by as many individuals and communities as possible throughout the world.

For more information, or to host a screening in your community, please click here and make sure to reference The Israel Forever Foundation as your coupon code and receive a special discount!

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