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One of a kind Sand Art Chanukiah

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By Stefanie Heideman

This is a great family activity. Every child can make their own, unique Chanukiah. No two are alike!


• 4x12 ceramic tile base, in any color of your liking
20ml glass vials
• Colored Sand
Small funnels
E6000 glue
Candle bases, 9 per chanukiah
• Square tiles to raise up the Shamash candle
• Bowls and spoons for sand distribution
• Plastic table cloth
• Glitter Glue (optional)
• Chanukah Confetti, Stickers
• Mod podge, to put used to attach and seal the confetti, stickers, etc


1. Cover table(s) with tablecloth(s)

2. Place colored sand into bowls with spoons

3. Place one 4x12 ceramic tile, 9 glass vials, one tube of e6000 glue and one funnel at each place an artist will sit

4. Explain to the artists that a kosher chanukiah must have all 8 candles lined up in a straight line.

5. Each artist should place their 8 glass vials down in the center of their 4x12 ceramic tile

6. Explain to the students that the Shamash Candle, the 9th candle, will not be placed together with the other 8 candles, and must be separated so it is clearly not one of the 8 candles. The Shamash can be placed in the following places on your Chanukiah:

a. At the beginning of the line
b. At the end of the line
c. In the center in front of the line of 8 candles
d. In the center behind the line of 8 candles
e. At one of the corners of the 4x12 tile

7. Once you like the positioning of row of 8 and the Shamash, use your e6000 glue to glue down the vials into place. You will have 5 minutes to readjust them accordingly until the glue begins to set.

8. Place a funnel into the vials and begin layering your colored sand

9. When the vial is full, place Elmer’s Glue on top of the sand so it keeps in in place.

10. Use your e6000 glue to glue the candle base into the top of the vial.

11. Repeat until all vials are full

12. Once finished you may decorate your 4x12 ceramic base with glitter glue, Chanukah confetti, stickers, glitter glue

13. Mod Podge, to place on top of confetti and/or stickers

14. Let dry for 24-48 hours and use

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About the Author

Stefanie Heideman
Stefanie Jo Heideman, founder of Art Escapades, is an art educator who believes that art is not supposed to be competitive, but rather a peaceful, relaxing experience for one to engage in and enjoy. As the Arts and Education Specialist for Israel Forever, Stefie is able to weave her love of Israel into her projects and lesson plans for individuals of all ages and stages of life.

Tags: Arts and Culture, Land and Nature, Holidays, Tradition, Stefanie Heideman, Chanukah, Activities, Art Activities