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Shoot for the Moon - An Israel Moon Mission Activity

When the Israeli moon lander was launched, on February 21, 2019, the world watched in wonder. How could one of the smallest countries, ancestral home to one of the world’s oldest living nations - the people of Israel - achieve such a miraculous endeavor? The incredible passion to succeed and innovate emerges from our ancient history - through persecution and adversity, the Jewish people have overcome, outlasted, and learned to thrive in nearly every environment in which they have lived in.

Read about the Israel moon mission

Resettled in our homeland, the Jewish genius was given free reign - there is no limit to what we can achieve with ingenuity, drive, and a dream. For those at SpaceIL, the dream was to become the 4th country to land on the moon.

Here are 3 great activities you can do with children of all ages to encourage their connection and pride in the accomplishments of our one and only Jewish state!


1. Capturing time: Leave a Message to the World of the Future

Inside the Israeli moon lander there is a time capsule, filled with a wide range of meaningful, historical and inspired content. What would you put in the time capsule?

Items in the Beresheet time capsule include:

  • An Israeli flag
  • A copy of the Bible
  • A copy of Tefilat HaDerech, the Wayfarer’s Prayer
  • A copy of Israel’s Declaration of Independence MP3s of Israeli songs
  • Recordings of a Holocaust survivor’s memories
  • Drawings by Israeli children about space
  • Photographs of Israeli landscapes

Write a letter, draw a piece of artwork and explain why this is what you think future generations who might discover the time capsule should know about Israel and the Jewish people.

2. Israel in Space: Draw your vision of Israel in space or on the moon

Share your pictures with us to be included in our virtual gallery. We will share your pictures with the community at SpaceIL and young Israelis interested in space exploration through the Ilan Ramon Center.

3. A Pioneer in Space: The Legacy of Ilan Ramon

Read this piece about Ilan Ramon and his dream of being the first Israeli in space. 
Write a story about the legacy of Ilan Ramon. 

Did you know these facts about the moon landings?
1 country has completed manned landings: United States
5 countries launched probes ending in crash landings: US, USSR/Russia, China, Japan, India (and the European Space Agency, which isn’t a “country”)
3 countries have completed “soft” (unmanned/rover) landings: US, USSR/Russia, China.

With the successful launch of Beresheet, Israel is the 4th in the world to shoot for the moon!

BONUS: Check out this book about Israel’s journey to the moon!

4. Optional or follow up activity that draws on the spirit of “Innovation Nation”:

Do you dream about accomplishing something that seems totally impossible? Would you try to do it yourself or ask a lot of friends to help you like the team at SpaceIL did? Write a story or draw a picture about doing or creating something for the world that you think no one else can do.


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