A celebration of 70 years to the establishment of the State of Israel!

We want to celebrate those who lived during the War of Independence and the Birth of the State of Israel - Those who gave up part of their youth, their personal ambition, to work for something bigger than themselves. Those who fought and died for us to live today in an independent Jewish State.

Join Noemi Schlosser on an exploration of the stories, the encounters, the challenges and the dreams as she travels across the country to interview this extraordinary generation in a pivotal documentary to honor the men and women who helped build the State of Israel.

Follow Aviva Klein on her photographic journey to portray these people for THE YOUTH OF 1948 traveling exhibit.

The Israel Forever Foundation is proud to collaborate on this important initiative to document history as a part of The Israel Memory Project.

Help make Youth of 1948 come to life!

Interviewees in this project are all well into their 80s, 90s and some are over 100 years old. Your donation will enable us to record as many personal testimonies as possible, as well as to craft educational programming on themes and important topics relevant to contemporary issues to ensure this history will be shared by future generations. All footage will be donated to the National Library of Jerusalem for archival purposes.

If you want to book a screening of the documentary or for inquiries about the photographic exhibit, email!


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