Virtual Citizen of Israel


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From region to region and chapter to chapter, reaching teens and inspiring leadership around the world and fortifying Jewish identity through interactive program engagement and community enrichment among the next generation of Jewish leaders.

In our years in BBYO, we learn about the rich history and heritage we inherit as young Jews. We are inspired by the leaders of the past while building the foundation for our own role as leaders for the future. We appreciate how Israel has an important place in that, and understand the elements of our collective history that bind us to one another as the Jewish people.

We found our connection through the pillars and values of our community. We sought to make a difference through our involvement, knowing you only get out of it what you put into it. The same is true for our Israel connection. And now more than ever, we have to discover new ways to move beyond the negative and embrace the beauty and pride that we must have as proud Jews.

Israel Forever is the perfect compliment to the values we imbue in our chapters and regions, that we teach in councils and with which we aim to raise the next generation of Jewish connected youth.

From innovative programs, inspiring content, and personal reflections, everything we do is shaped to provide the global Jewish community ways to bring Israel out of the headlines and into your home, your community, your life, and your heart every day - at your convenience and at your fingertips.

We stood proud and tall with our proud letter emblazoned on our shirts and our passion in our hearts. Now we can stand tall as a Virtual Citizen of Israel wherever we may be in the world - connected, engaged, inspired, empowered.

Join our global community of VCI around the world and feel connected through your ongoing engagement with Israel - NONE of the politics, ALL of the pride!


Expand your knowledge, deepen your learning and be inspired by the personal stories of our fellow Jews in their pursuit of Israel-inspired Jewish identity.

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As BBYOers we were all taught that we can make a difference through our engagement and our activism as young Jews. Israel Forever continues that tradition of inspiring ways you can make an impact on Jewish life and the Jewish future - for our people, our homeland, our nationhood.

BBYO not only educated me to believe that I could make an impact in my local Jewish community but also and in the greater global Jewish world. These lessons have remained with me throughout my life. As a proud BBYO alumni, I am honored to be Virtual Citizen of Israel. Tracy Reichman Kalik, past International N’siah of B’nai B’rith Girls (1988-89)

As graduates of BBYO we are educated to believe in ourselves and our ability to make an impact - well prepared and confident to act as equals and as leaders poised to make a difference in ourselves and for the sake of the Jewish people. It is an honor to expand on the pride ingrained in me through BBYO.” Elana Heideman, Executive Director The Israel Forever Foundation, past chapter and council leader, advisor and BBYO advocate.

Tags: VCI, Leadership, Jewish Identity, Jewish Unity, Community