Jews in Conflict: Facing the World, Facing Each Other

Tags: Jewish Identity, Jewish Unity, Antisemitism, Webinar

Antisemitism is the oldest documented hatred, an issue we need to understand and learn to effectively address. So, too, are the festering dilemmas and internal divisions among our own people. Today, as in generations before us, we see it in our social encounters, our political leanings, our religious communities, our schools, even within our families.

Confusion, resentment, animosities, misunderstanding, and misappropriation of our Jewish values become triggers for the same plague that each generation before us has faced: Jews in conflict, with each other and with their place as citizens of the world.

How can we help our friends or community to stand together and strengthen ourselves from within when we have so many issues that tear us apart?
How can we balance between our need to present ourselves to the world vs. how we feel together as a community?
How can we use the current landscape of virtual engagement to become more involved in bridging the gap between the public and private elements of Jewish life, identity and representation?
Is it too late to learn how to love each other again as Am Echad, one people?

Our division weakens us, our inability to communicate our history and identity, even moreso. Understanding our ancestral heritage, our purpose, our connections as one family, is key to addressing the ripple effect of hate that is felt everywhere.

We are strongest, together.

Join the conversation and let’s explore real tools we can apply in our individual and communal lives.


Tags: Jewish Identity, Jewish Unity, Antisemitism, Webinar