The Roots that Bind Us

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In a fragmented world, we are strengthened by knowing we are part of something bigger than just the immediacy of life in pandemic. Embedded deep within us is the connection we feel as Jews, as a part of an ancient nation. And within our people and our history are so many seeds of inspiration. People, places, prayers - all sources of pride that are key to retaining the strength we all need now and always. They help plant and sow within us the connections we share and can incorporate into our lives - connections with the past, but so fundamental to our identity today and our faith in the future.

Just as we are bound to the land, to our history, to the heritage we have inherited over the generations, we have the ability to celebrate the roots that tie us together no matter how far apart we may be.

Roots bound to the earth. Souls bound to history. Lives bound by tradition.

Come explore the roots that bind us.


What does having shared roots mean when we are scattered around the world?

If we are divided by our different political opinions, religious leanings, and secular national identities, how can we use these shared roots to inspire others in their connection as a nation with a homeland?

Why is it easier for other cultures to embrace their shared roots than it is for some Jews today?

How can the connection to Israel through roots, lands and ancestry challenge the many streams within the Jewish community that seeks to disintegrate this connection for the sake of current social trends?

For Jews living outside the land, unable to visit due to the pandemic. Financial constraints or other reasons, what more can we do to deepen the rootedness of Jews as a nation living outside our national home?

Tags: Webinar