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Tags: Advocacy, Causes, Israel Engagement, Jerusalem, Education

Israel Forever's unique approach to activism is through an emphasis on experiential learning. Fostering a positive image and understanding of Israel requires establishing a common ground between the peoples of the world with the meaning and purpose behind the sustainability of Israel as the Jewish democratic state.

Our programs and initiatives are designed to advance dialogue and interaction between different faiths and nationalities across the diverse spectrum of areas relevant to understanding the meaningful existence of Israel for today and the future.

The Israel Forever Foundation hopes to serve as your Home for Israel Engagment in a non-political arena to increase effectiveness of outreach and awareness of the history, purpose, and contributions of Israel in its multi-faceted reality. We believe that supporting and becoming involved with Israel requires a collective commitment to strengthening the role of Israel as the shared enterprise of all Jews and a central component of civilization, modernity, humanity. Building such pro-active involvement can be achieved through innovation in programming and collaboration between organizations, communities and individuals towards the common goal of Israel Forever.

Tags: Advocacy, Causes, Israel Engagement, Jerusalem, Education