Reimagining What Makes a Hero

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Heroes are supposed to be those who represent the best of us, the embodiment of ideals or values, their commitment to a cause as inspiration for those who are searching. But we are living in an age when celebrity, public image, social media following and intellectualized mistruths join action figure motifs of what is a hero. To some of the world, it is the terrorists that are heroes.

We join the world in recognizing those heroes whose inspiration stands the test of time and carries us forward. From Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Elie Wiesel, from the 35 young soldiers who fought to protect the right of Jewish freedom in Judea, to those that are fighting this battle today.

There are those that may remember a small battle, In between the passing of the UN Vote for the Partition Plan and the official Declaration of Independence, in the cold of January in the Land of Israel. Young Jewish Palestinians, defenders of Jewish life in their ancestral homeland, were murdered in cold blood. Some believe the murders of these Jews or those Jews are justified - convinced that there are no Jewish rights to the land, to Jerusalem, to historical truth as evidenced by nearly 4000 years of written and archaeological evidence. The only way to shift the dialogue is to share stories such as this, to remind our children of the dignity of the Jewish dream of freedom these young men were fighting for. That “Zionist,” Jewish rights, and the Jewish birthright to Israel are not to be politicized or belittled into controversy.
The most important thing we can be doing TODAY is to proclaim loud and clear that Jews - in Israel and in the world - are here to stay, and that like any other nation, we deserve to live in peace and security, without the threat of deadly, indiscriminate hate or the transformation of murderers into heroes.

We, the Jewish nation, are a people of peace, who seek to live in peace, because we all have a dream.  




There are leaders today standing up as heroes of Jewish rights, as ambassadors, diplomats, lay leaders, educators. Let them be an inspiration for our own activism and commitment to Jewish pride.

Ensure our connection to Jerusalem remains personal, positive, and not crushed by the political polarizations.

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Tags: Jewish Identity, VCI, Inspiration and Hope, Zionism, Leadership