What, and who, keeps you inspired as a Jew today?

Tags: Jewish Identity, VCI, Inspiration and Hope

We may not always realize when we make a difference in someone’s life.
We may think that no one is listening if we share our points of view or feelings about what it means to be battling the realities of being a Jew today.
But in fact, it is now that we must be listening even more to the seeds of inspiration we can glean from among the litany of chaos in the world. Polarized, incitement towards extremism, often couched in the facade of social justice, living a Jewishly-inspired life somehow has become bound to one or another political leaning.

Instead, it can be that the examples of extremism we see around us are an inspiration to want something MORE, something beyond the confines of social or political conflicts and disagreements. Something that will help our fellow brethren of Am Yisrael.

That is where we all have a role to play. This is what reminds us that we are a link in the chain and bear a responsibility to share the sources of inspiration that help us cope in our daily lives. And this is what Israel Forever is striving to do for you, our global community.
Be an inspiration to others and share the love, the belonging, the pride you feel when you connect through our stories and messages of empowerment.
You never know whose life you can change by introducing them to Israel Forever as a way to inspire and be inspired.




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Tags: Jewish Identity, VCI, Inspiration and Hope