Celebrating Israel

Plant Israel At Home Activities

With family and friends, or for a community event, plant Israeli wildflower seeds in your garden, in a planter to put on the window sill or anywhere that will always remind you of your little piece of Israel.

Ideas for community events:

  • Jewish Day Schools
  • Synagogues
  • At home in your garden or planters
  • Jewish Community Centers
  • A retirement community

What you need - Seeds of Israel:

Design your own fun Israel planters:

  • Have participants bring a canister for planting or provide clay to make pinchpot planters.
  • Provide pictures of Israel, sayings in Hebrew, Israeli flag images.
  • Scrapbook or paper-mache onto a planter.

Send us your photos as you Plant Israel at Home™ and help us make the world green with
Ahavat Yisrael!

This Tu B'Shevat, Plant Israel At Home™

Celebrate your connection to Israel this Tu B'Shevat!

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