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Pesach Egg Rolls

By Dr. Elana Yael Heideman

Serving Size: 4 - 6 people

*No Kitniyot


10 matzot, wet and wrapped in a moist towel
1 TBS canola oil for stir-fry vegetables
1 onion, sliced
2 zucchini, julienne
1 red pepper, cut into thin strips
1 yellow pepper, cut into thin strips
2 carrots, julienne or grated
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 TBSP ginger, cut into fine strips
1 cup bean sprouts
¼ cup parsley, roughly chopped
2 TBSP soy sauce (optional)
*KLP soy sauce is available for kitniyot eaters, otherwise there is a new KLP soy sauce substitute for those who don't eat legumes)
3 eggs
½ tsp salt
⅛ tsp black pepper
½ cup canola oil for frying


1. On a medium-high flame, sauté onion until lightly translucent 
2. Add garlic and ginger and sauté for 3 minutes
3. Add rest of vegetables and stir fry until just lightly softened
4. Add soy sauce, parsley, salt, pepper and let cool (can be refrigerated)
5. Heat oil for frying the egg rolls
6. Working with one piece of matzoh at a time, cut into half and add 1 spoonful of vegetables lengthwise - do not overstuff or they won’t stay together
7.Gently roll up, dip in egg and place in the hot oil
8. Repeat until all matzot are filled and fried
This recipe makes about 20 egg rolls and you can serve with your favorite Kosher for Passover chili or duck sauce.


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