Israel 75 Together as One: Our Vision

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Imagine the feeling of being with a crowd in front of you and a crowd behind you, feeling a sense of belonging from a common bond we share. Israeli music in the air. Blue and white Israeli flags waving everywhere. People of all ages from infants to the elderly cheering, clapping, singing, and dancing.

Hands around shoulders, flags waving - together as one

What would Herzl or Ben Gurion think if they could see the Israel at 75 celebrations planned around the world? If we could go back in time and show these images to the Jews struggling to survive Nazi Europe… Can you imagine the astonishment, the rising hope, the backbone becoming straighter, heads lifted higher?

The spirit of Israel lives through us, brought to us from thousands of years of ancestry, tradition, identity. We cherish the opportunity to publicly express our connection as an ancient nation, to proclaim to others our determination and pride with our celebration. We purposely chose the May 14 date, which was the English date of independence, in order not to compete with many Jewish events which take place the 5th of Iyar, this year April 26th.

We want to reach out to those who are hesitant to join in the dance. Those without celebrations to attend, communities they feel comfortable in, and issues of controversy they seek to avoid in these challenging times. Even more, we wish to encourage everyone who is feeling ambivalent about celebrating Israel when they may disagree with certain policies, behaviors, or views of Israeli leaders today or in history. It is today that, more than ever, we want to celebrate the ways we can overcome our differences and recognize the miracle of our ancestral history, heritage and homeland with support and gratitude for the status it gives Jews all over the world. Our identification should not be tied to any specific government or policies, just like a parent loves a child forever, no matter what his or her life choices at any given stage.

What benefit do we all get by knowing that there are thousands of people across the world sharing the same experience/who can access the program at their own convenience? This innovative program is aimed to give voice to the thread of connection the Jewish people have shared for thousands of years, recognizing that it is up to each one of us individually to ensure that our homes are filled with appreciation for what it means to be able to share that connection today, wherever we live in the world.

Wait till you see what we've got lined up! Showcasing great performers, presenters and presentations, this 36 hour virtual event will be rich with original programming, focused on various aspects of our shared birthright as the Nation of Israel, as Virtual Citizens of Israel. Segments of the program include music, discussion and activities for all ages: kids, young adults, parents, empty nesters, retirees, young professionals, singles and young couples, and family or community engagement components that any community can use or access throughout the 75th year of the miracle of Israel.

As recognized Virtual Citizens of Israel, participants in the program will be eligible to win exclusive benefits and rewards, as well as access to unique shows and presentations from around the world. For all involved it will be a welcome respite from the constant verbal and physical attacks against our people and an opportunity to join together with our friends and supporters and revel in all that Israel has accomplished and all that she contributes to humanity.

Our people achieved the miraculous, re-establishing the Jewish State and it is now possible to publicly celebrate our Jewish identity in one of the most important cities in the world. Less than 100 years ago this was unimaginable. A thousand years ago, the dream was a beacon of light carrying us from the past to the present. And in a thousand more years, we, the eternal people, Am HaNetzach, must know that we have protected Jewish history, rights, and destiny to outlast every challenge to our survival.

With over half a million subscribers from around the world, and organizational partnerships established over a decade of Israel and Jewish engagement, Israel Forever’s initiative demonstrates that there are indeed core values that can prevent our people from being torn apart by the divisive elements of political and social upheaval.

Israel75 has the potential to be the ultimate virtual engagement of our Jewish people coming together for celebration, in hope and in unity. A unique approach to celebrating the miracle and rebirth of the State of Israel in our ancestral homeland, the Together As One virtual global celebration of Jewish unity will enable as many people as possible around the world to celebrate the destiny we share.

Let us build the unity we dream to see.
Join us, Together as One


Tags: Jewish Identity, Jewish Unity, Inspiration and Hope, VCI, Community