Plant Israel at Home Mosaic Activity

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Create your art. Give a gift from your heart.

In honor of the lives violated and uprooted on October 7, we are promoting a unique effort to build bridges between the Jews of the world as a celebration of the roots that bind us. 

As a family, group or on your own, celebrate the new year of Israel's trees with a special mosaic creation that represents your prayer for the healing of our People, our Land and our connection with Israel and the roots we share.

  1. Create your own mosaic planter or garden tile that represents the idea of picking up the pieces of pain and suffering and rebuilding something beautiful that can inspire us in our lives. 

  2. Give a gift of a mosaic kit and a plant, with your personal message to a displaced family who are living in temporary conditions. DONATE A THERAPY GIFT TO AN ISRAELI FAMILY


It is a metaphor for the broken hearts, shattered hopes and fearful shock that we have endured as a people since October 7.
In Israel, we are still feeling the destruction and are all finding ways to help the rebuilding efforts. One way we are making a difference is through our Healing Hearts Mosaics in partnership with Mosaics by Miriam.  The opportunity to immerse themselves in the craft was a welcome respite for all those involved, of all ages, all having different levels of trauma caused by the massacre, missiles, displacement and loss. 

Interested in hosting a community mosaic project?
These activities can be done as a part of a "twinning" with a displaced community of children here in Israel, as a part of our ongoing Healing Hearts Mosaics tzedakah effort for therapeutic crafting for those suffering from trauma.

Sponsorship donations can also be made to the planting of a community garden and large scale healing mosaics that are a part of the post-trauma recover. Contact us to learn more. 

Please consider inviting others to spread the Tzedakah opportunity of healing as a start to this activity. 

We are planting the seeds that will forever be a part of their rebuilding and replanting upon their return home. All those who are now displaced will know that a family or community thought about their humanity, their heart in our shared home of Eretz Yisrael. 

Contact us for other activities and resources for your family or community.

Mosaic planters for Tu B'Shevat

This activity allows you to do your own therapeutic healing art and gift the opportunity to someone in Israel who is suffering from trauma.

On your own or with a group, you will create a mosaic reflecting and connecting with the meaning of the tragedy and its significance, using our reflective resources to help you connect with the experience of those suffering from trauma and displacement. A picture of your mosaic and a personal letter from you will be delivered to a family in need.
Together, we are providing therapy and healing through art, and emotional support through the blessings of our Virtual Citizens of Israel global community that have been sent from families and communities around the world. 

Fill out the form below to download your activity

Take pictures of your fun, and of your final product. 

Send them with a personal message to a family or person in Israel who is suffering from trauma and loss. And of course - share them on social media and encourage others to take part in this Healing Hearts Plant Israel at Home activity! 

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Tags: Activity, Jewish Unity, Causes, Living Beyond Terror, Community, Art Activities, Education, Family