Balfour Initiative

The Declaration for Jewish Rights

Tags: Balfour, Zionism

On November 2, 1917, the Balfour Declaration affirmed the right for the return of Jewish sovereignty in the ancient Homeland of Israel, the outcome of years of struggle by Jewish and Zionist leaders to return the Jewish People to their historic and indigenous.

100 years later and beyond, we the Nation of Israel reaffirm Jewish rights to live free in our ancestral homeland.


Be a part of history and join Jewish individuals and organizations around the world who signed the declaration!

We the Undersigned stand with Balfour and Make Our Declaration.


Signatory organizations represent 100,000-300,000 signatures as reflective of their organizational membership. Interested in becoming a signatory organization? Contact us today!

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Jewish rights to our ancestral homeland are unassailable. Learn about the Balfour Declaration as a symbol of Jewish legal rights and an important milestone to sovereignty in the Jewish homeland.

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Tags: Balfour, Zionism

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