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Delve into the world surrounding the Balfour Declaration. Discover the origins, effects, supporters and negators of this vital document at the time of its formation and how world Jewry responded.


In what environment did the Balfour Declaration emerge to change the course of history? Understanding the foundations upon which our Independence as a Jewish state was declared will only strengthen further our future as united people.


Nothing happens in a vacuum, and Balfour was no different. Who supported us, and who turned away? Which countries had our backs, and which surprised us the most?


Balfour matters today more than ever, but why? What makes this hundred year old document relevant in today's world of fake news, social media and socially acceptable anti Israel sentiment.


Anti-Israel activism is on the rise. We must combat it by banding together and taking action to ensure that our history and our rights are protected from the lies, propaganda and distortions perpetuated by those who seek to destroy us.

Tags: Balfour, History