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Many have been immersed in the current Israeli political reality, wringing their hands at the debacle of what some consider a failure of democracy, while others consider it as the epitomy. Either way, the challenge we continue to face is how to incorporate all the voices of the people of Israel - both in the land and living outside of it - in how our one and only Jewish state tackles the issues and obstacles that always seem to lay at our feet.

Beyond the confines of our communal organizations and groups, there are indeed many organizations that work towards this dream of a collective and democratic representation of voices. From the days of Theodor Herzl and since, the World Zionist Congress (WZC) has provided one such platform on the matters relating to the Jewish national dream, vision and legacy.

We have an exciting opportunity for our Israel Forever Ambassadors and Virtual Citizens of Israel to join the Americans 4 Israel slate for the 38th World Zionist Congress (WZC) in Jerusalem, October 20-22, 2020.

This historic event, first convened in Basel in 1897, is held every 5 years as a forum for the active engagement of activists and leaders from all around the world who believe in the Zionist dream of a free Jewish state in our ancestral homeland.

Israel Forever is proud to join Americans4Israel as a vehicle for unifying the American Jewish community on the basis of what unites us. Together we can advance our shared commitment to combating Antisemitism, promoting Jewish literacy, Holocaust education and the Israel connection around the world by representing an apolitical voice of active engagement to the forum of the Zionist Congress. As Jewish Americans, regardless of religious or political affiliations, it is our right and opportunity to vote on behalf of Israel and our people.

The deadline for registering is October 31st, and the process only takes five minutes.

By becoming a delegate nominee, you can increase the power of the voice you so proudly share as a Virtual Citizen of Israel and a supporter of our collective Jewish national dream and legacy. Delegates are selected via parliamentary-style elections that take place online January 21-March 11, 2020. This vote determines the 145 US delegates and 290 alternates that will attend as the slate representatives to the next World Zionist Congress.

What do you need to do?
1 - Take 3 minutes to SIGN UP
2 - Be a part of helping to solicit votes for the Americans4Israel delegation during the election period.
THAT’S IT! It’s THAT simple!

Why is voting so critical this year? With the State of Israel besieged on many sides, with the current state of relationships between the State of Israel and the United States administration, with the concern of the general public whether we still care about the State of Israel and its survival, here’s our opportunity to take a stand.

The Zionist elections allow us to voice our opinions on many issues. From the left to the right politically, from the right to the left religiously, including all religious streams and political points of view, there is surely one of the ten slates for everyone. Votes matter.

What does your vote mean?

  • Demonstrate your commitment to Israel and the Jewish people
  • Be recognized for your passion for leadership, democracy and the Jewish national vision
  • Have your voice heard among the delegations of fellow Jews from around the world
  • While you may have the opportunity to travel to Israel for this unique experience, you are by no means committed to doing so by signing up as a delegate nominee.

This is an opportunity to express your democratic privilege as a Virtual Citizen of Israel. Whatever issue meets your religious, political or cultural needs, I encourage you to take this opportunity and make a stand on behalf of the State of Israel and its centrality to American Jewish life.

Israel needs the Diaspora more than ever before and the Diaspora needs Israel. It is a partnership we cannot negate and must value for now and future generations. This vote is our opportunity to join the conversation and participate in the global Jewish voting process.

Take three minutes, raise your voice for Israel, join in the conversation and help make a difference in shaping Israel’s future. All Jewish adults 18+ residing in the US who did not vote in the recent elections for the Israeli Knesset are eligible to vote. Make sure your voice is heard.



Herzl's dream was partially fulfilled with the creation of the State of Israel, but it has not yet been completed. Come engage with one of our great leaders of Jewish history!

How are you Living the Legacy?

Tags: Zionism, Activism, VCI