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Tags: Science and Technology, Causes, Israel Engagement, Jerusalem, Education

As an Israel Engagement Organization, The Israel Forever Foundation develops, supports and promotes activities that foster understanding, respect, involvement and pride in Israel through four distinct yet interrelated dimensions:

The People – Am Yisrael
Israel as a global community

The Land – Eretz Yisrael
Israel as a geographic, environmental entity

The History – Moreshet Yisrael
Jewish heritage and tradition

The State – Medinat Yisrael
Celebrating Israel’s multicultural and intellectual character

We at The Israel Forever Foundation aspire to cultivate and advance personal connections with the multi-faceted reality of Israel through the development of innovative interactive opportunities. We hope to develop meaningful collaborations and partnerships that can expand the effectiveness, outreach and success of our united efforts.

We design initiatives that focus on the value of Israel and her continued existence as a Jewish state and her contributions throughout the world. Our programming includes organizing and sponsoring interactive workshops, educational seminars and online forums which uphold the ideals of Israel Forever.

Through these efforts, we seek to place Israel at your fingertips in order to encourage an increased understanding of the continuing role of Israel and her people in a pro-active, apolitical manner to which the wide range of audiences throughout the world can relate and become engaged.

Tags: Science and Technology, Causes, Israel Engagement, Jerusalem, Education