Elie Wiesel: More Than Night

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by Jack L

Nothing registered in my head when I first heard the name, Elie Wiesel. I was told that he was a Holocaust survivor, an advocate, and an author. It wasn’t until I figured out that one of his most famous published works was Night, that it all clicked. I first read that book in high school, for a sophomore year English class, and it stuck with me.

While I never knew much about Wiesel by name, I knew him through this book. And what I gained from him was inspiration.

As a Jew, my culture and heritage are very dear to me. I firmly believe that you are unable to truly connect to the Jewish community, and understand this culture without understanding and knowing about the Holocaust. One way you can do that is by learning about Elie Wiesel, his body of written works, and the many ways he encouraged humanity to look beyond themselves, to bear witness, and to do more to fight hate and indifference.

Knowing his story is knowing history. To truly appreciate what it means to be a Jew, we must first understand what we have endured as a nation, and what we are going through today. Elie Wiesel understood this, and never stopped speaking out against racism and violence. He wrote to inform and educate, and it is up to us to follow his lead and carry this torch of memory. I believe that through reading his words, you will come to understand not only how hard some people have had to work to live, but truly appreciate everything you have in life.

Towards that goal, the Israel Forever programs honoring Elie Wiesel are an avenue for amplifying his impact on those who do not know his name or understand his contribution to humanity. It is materials like these that can encourage deeper reflection on the question of Jewish fear and memory as a motivator for action and that can carry Wiesel’s inspiration to a new generation who never had the privilege to hear his voice.

Hatred against our people is a millennia-long disease, and we need to do more to support each other in this fight. Whether by getting involved in frontal advocacy, or perfecting one’s own perspective and commitment to the mission of Jewish continuity, having as many individuals involved is crucial to fighting this never-ending war against antisemitism. But not all of us feel capable of doing so.

Empowerment efforts like those crafted by Israel Forever are perfectly suited to combat the misinformation and hatred that fuels antisemitism today by starting with the Jews - young and old - who do not know how to respond, what to say, or how to strengthen their identity and resolve in the face of the continued persecution of Jews, Jewish identity, and Jewish rights as human rights. The nation of Israel is strongest when we unite together, and you can do more to foster that dream by supporting the work of Israel Forever today.


Interested in running a program about Wiesel in your community? Contact us for original resources, or to book a presentation by Dr. Elana Heideman, one of his prized students.

Make sure future generations have the opportunity to hear Elie Wiesel's message.

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Tags: Jewish Identity, History, Holocaust, Memory, Inspiration and Hope, Elie Wiesel