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Tags: Living Israel, Zionism, Aliyah, Israel Engagement

Living Israel

There is an air of rebuilding, renewal, growth and energy throughout the entire country as we are constantly progressing and expanding. What’s more is the relationship between the people living in Israel—here there is a special bond typically unseen in common societies.

Emerging from the shared commitment to building a life in the Jewish State, it is translated into women giving parenting advice to random strangers in the park, a young soldier carrying home an elderly woman’s groceries, and bus riders pitching in on a ticket for someone running short on change.

Read the Stories of those Experiencing Life in Israel Firsthand

While Israel endures social dilemmas like any other country—racism, integration of immigrants, unemployment, high cost of living—the basis for comparison with other societies must ultimately consider the uniqueness of what it means to live in a Jewish State that creates an atmosphere completely unknown.

Tags: Living Israel, Zionism, Aliyah, Israel Engagement